Onlays & Inlays

Onlays & Inlays

Onlays and Inlays are another restorative option for heavily damaged, worn and decayed teeth. They are based on similar principles to crowns but are much more conservative to the remaining tooth structure. Onlays are possible due to the recent advances to dental bonding and adhesives These dental restorations are quite strong and usually made from porcelain, metal or composite resin material.

The team at Murray Valley Dental group believe in holistic dentistry that aims to preserve the natural tooth as much as possible using minimally invasive, conservative techniques.

Our dentists are experts at providing dental Onlays that are life-like and natural, not only restoring functionality of your tooth but also keep it looking good so you can smile with confidence!

What is an Onlay?
An Onlay is a tooth restoration technique that is similar to a covering placed over the cusps (rounded edges) of teeth. Unlike Crowns, an Onlay is a form of biomimetic dentistry that replicates the natural tooth structure to ensure great strength, functionality, and appearance. Onlays are like putting a new roof over an existing house so you can weather the storm better.

Our expert dentists recommend onlays over crowns as they preserve more of your natural tooth, are equally strong and can be more affordable.

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Dental Onlays

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