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Mulwala is a town in the Riverina district of New South Wales (NSW) and located along the border of NSW and Victoria. The local government area for Mulwala is the Federation Council. The town is situated on Lake Mulwala, an artificial lake which was formed after the damming of the Murray River.

Mulwala is a popular destination for water sports and fishing since the town adjoins Lake Mulwala. It is especially popular amongst tourists from Melbourne, which is relatively close by (about 300 kilometres to the south). Across the border from Mulwala is the Melbourne twin town of Yarrawonga where one of our Murray Valley Dental Group Clinic is located.

Yarrawonga Family Dental is located only 4.1 km away from Mulwala, which is just an 8 minute drive away. Our expert dentists have been serving the community in  and around Mulwala for years, providing the high standard of care that the Murray Valley Dental Group of clinics are know for. Call our dentists on (03) 5744 03484 to book an appointment today!

Some of the dental treatments we provide to the community in Mulwala include:

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