Root Canal Treatments

Root Canal Treatments

A toothache does not always mean you need to lose the tooth. There are options to save and retain the teeth if the pulp and nerve of the tooth is damaged from bacterial infection and extensive tooth decay. Root Canal Treatment can be performed to save and restore teeth. Known as Root Canal Therapy or Treatment, this treatment can save teeth by removing injured or dead nerves from within a tooth in a safe manner with minimal pain.

The family-friendly dentists at Murray Valley Dental Group assess the state of your tooth to determine if root canal treatment can help. Imagine your tooth as a house. Before embarking on any renovations, we will determine if it’s worth fixing the plumbing and electricity of the house before proceeding with any restorative work.

If you require root canal treatment or would like to find out more on the best solution for you, speak to the friendly dentists at Murray Valley Dental Group today!

Root Canal Treatment

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